The concept of libraries has revolutionized human creative thinking and mankind has witnessed a sea change in the standard of living as books preserve archival materials and historical records for the coming generation. We are part of an information age and libraries should be situated in a dynamic information environment to provide the in-depth knowledge to their users. The library, as the recourse gateway through which people disseminate and share information, needs to redefine and reemphasize what is essential to its professional practice in the digital age.

PDM consists of a central library. Centralized on user services, the library makes every effort to provide an enjoyable learning environment for users. This system enables the library to open for extensive hours and connects the users with digital, virtual reference & referral services, mobile services, digital resources,book bank service.


Journals Section

Journals being the primary source of information are essential to supplement the research activities and are required regularly. A number of Journals are being subscribed to facilitate the on going research activities & to expand the areas of future research activities.

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